Our Story

We introduced Bells Box to the wedding industry in 2015 as a full-service planning alternative for brides that didn’t have the luxury of hiring a wedding planner.

And we haven’t looked back since…

In founding Bells Box, we created a space to provide newly engaged couples all the tools that they need to be able to visualize, plan and execute their wedding days.

By bridging the gap between all of the “free resources”  that leave a lot to be desired and the huge expense of hiring a full-blown wedding planner that most of us just can’t afford, Bells Box is there to create a blueprint for your wedding planning process and help you answer all the questions that you didn’t know you needed to know.

Years from now, we want the couples that we work with to look back on their weddings without guilt over bridezilla moments or have any feelings of regret about the planning of their day.  The six months, the year, the two years. However long of an engagement, we want them to have the opportunity to remember how wonderful it was to build a beautiful wedding day with intent and purpose. Not to have a cloud of credit card debt looming long after the wedding is over and not to waste time spent stressing out over the small details that tend to overwhelm us. Instead, our goal is to help them build a journey that strengthens their bond over their wedding why and eliminate any of the unnecessary time and money that is wasted trying to piece together planning projects.

Cory Rindskopf

Educator, Venue Owner, & Wedding Coach

After 6 years of working in finance, I traded in my drab grey cubical for the wedding world to help couples plan their dream days without handcuffing their future financially….

Working with brides and grooms, regardless of budget, to help educate and guide them throughout the process of creating their dream day is such a huge passion for me! 

We have helped couples all over the United States discover just how easy and fun wedding plan can actually be when you have the proper tools. Forget trying to force your planning process into a plan made for someone else. We want our couples to see how stressless it can be when you are provided the right tools. 

In 2017 we opened an event and workshop space  in Old Town Cornelius, where we could host some of our wedding courses in person for our local clients called Bells Box Collective.

Creating this space where we can invite our local brides to come and learn with us has been such an awesome experience and given us better insight into how we can serve our community that stretches across the country. 

Since then we have opened our doors to other creatives and entrepreneurs.  

By creating this space with an open door policy for the learners of life, we have fostered a huge connection with our community add we love it! 

If my nose isn’t buried in my computer,  creating courses for our online community, you can often find me teaching classes here on floral arranging, various crafty things, and on entrepreneur topics like marketing and branding!

When I am not working,  I am wildly  passionate about finding adventures with my husband, Jason. He joined the ranks of the Entrepreneurs in the summer of 2018 and together we inspire each other! I know that sounds silly but its true! If we aren’t traveling (ask me sometime where our favorite place to go is!) we are most likely scheming on marketing plans and different ways we can educate our sweet communities that we surround ourselves with.

Or we are snuggled with with our rescue pup and kitten, watching The Office or 30 Rock, with a big ol glass of  red wine in hand!