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Proposals. Parties. Planning. Where Do We Start?

Option # 1:

Hire a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is a great option that is available in the planning world. Wedding planners are known for their amazing connections in the industry and their super organized systems for getting things done. They are the experts there to guide you through the process of planning your wedding by helping you with all the big decisions; from managing your budget, vendors, venue, and all the knitty gritty details in-between.

The bad news? On average, brides will spend approximately $2,635 on hiring a wedding planner & that’s a number that can escalate quickly! For a lot of us, that’s a luxury that just isn’t in the budget. Let’s take a look at what hiring a planner at this price point means to our budget. 

If you have a Five Thousand dollar budget and you hire a wedding planner, that is approximately 53% of your budget that you need to allocate to a wedding planner.

If you have a Ten Thousand Dollar budget and you hire a wedding planner, that is approximately 26% of your budget that you need to allocate to a wedding planner.

If you have a Twenty  Thousand dollar budget and you hire a wedding planner, that is approximately 13% of your budget that you need to allocate to a wedding planner.

Keep in mind that these statistics are the average price of wedding planners and they include month of and day of coordination in this. For Full-Service packages, you will typically need to allocate $5k+.

The other downfall for many couples is that wedding planners focus on creating a plan for you based on a predetermined determined budget rather than helping establish that budget prior to making big decisions. Creating a budget that truly fits your reality is an area that many newly engaged couples need help with that is often unavailable.

Option # 2:

Utilize the Free Resources Online

Chances are you have already been playing around with some of these free resources that can be found online. With only 18% of couples hiring planners, these tools that are available give many couples that wouldn’t otherwise have any type of resources to look to for guidance during their planning process, a place to turn to. And that is great! Since these are digitally available, they are easily accessible for couples all over which is another bonus. Plus the upfront cost of this option is pretty sweet too. Hello, free stuff!

But hold up….what does free really mean?


The word free doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes with no expense to you. Let’s talk about why. There is the price of something and there is the cost of that item. Your PRICE is the actual dollar amount that you pay to acquire something. In this sense, some of these resources may check the box.  However, when we actually start diving into these resources, we start to see the price portion of these free resources start to dissipate. Many of these resources that start out as free end up having hidden expense associated with the ability to unlock certain features or you are quickly upsold.

Then there is COST.

Cost is the actual expenditure of resources and the benefit the of what you actually receive.  This is going to be the time that is associated with implementing something, trying to piece together some semblance of a plan. In this situation, you need to take into account how much your time is actually worth. Many of these resources are incomplete and cookie cutter, built to fit some anonymous persons love story and financial situation. This becomes a hidden cost because you will need to dedicate more time and almost certainly money to help fill in the gaps left from the incomplete information that is provided from these free resources.

On average women will spend 16 hours a week planning their weddings.  That is basically a part-time job! Many of these hours are piecing together these resources from all over the web in order to figure out exactly what they need to do to plan – before they actually get to plan anything that pertains to their weddings! So nope. Not always free. 

Option # 3:

Join the Bells Box Community

When we first entered the wedding world, we noticed that on one side there were all of these “free” resources that left a lot to be desired and then on the other side there was the big expense of hiring a wedding planner that most of us just can’t afford. So we set out to do something to bridge that gap.

We aren’t here to replace or mimic wedding planners and we aren’t here to take the place of the free resources. Because we believe that there is a needed place for each of these outlets above, but we also believe that for many of us, there is a better way to do things! A way that truly gives those of us that fall into the gap between not being able to afford those pricey planners, and those free resources that fall short.

So how do we do that? We provide our couples with an in-depth education and a complete roadmap on how to plan your dream day. Bells Box was designed to take the best of both worlds from the first two options mentioned while leaving out the parts that just don’t work for many of us and wrapping them up in a pretty little package that is easy to use!

Bells Box Academy

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So What Are You Waiting For? Lets Plan This Party!

Did You Know?


of couples consider staying on budget their top priority during their planning


of couples go over their budget in the first 3 months of planning


is the amount by what couples underestimate their budgets by